The Project | Submission Criteria

Interior Design & Architecture Category


Architecture Category

Interior Design Category


FORWARD, Challenging Design Boundaries

Project Category

Open Category

Project Layout Size

Below 40,000 square meter

Below 2,800 square meter

Participants Requirements

Diploma Year 3 student and onwards

Diploma Year 2 student and onwards

Submission Limit

Maximum 1 project

Project Requirements

Colour chip & product name
Students must use Nippon Paint products and colours in the projects.

Green elements
Students must state clearly what the eco-friendly products are, as well as the elements, used in the project.

Colour scheme
Justify why the colours were chosen.

Name & Theme/Concept
All projects must be started with the project title and theme/concept.

  • - Presentation Board (A2 size) – minimum 3 boards and maximum 4 boards that will be based on soft copies only.

  • - Board 1 must show: Existing site photo (if applicable), property / site developer (if applicable), floor plan, elevation, furniture layout plan, and site analysis.

  • - Boards 2,3 and 4 must show: 3D perspectives with Nippon Paint colour chips and codes.

  • - Presentation boards must be designed in vertical layout format.

  • - CD/DVD digital copy of the project – the design of the A2 board must be saved in a folder as “Presentation Board” with the file name as “Your Name – Board 1” and the design statement.

  • - Design statement should not be more than 250 words in a Microsoft Word file format.

  • - Provide your recent personal photo in JPEG format.

  • - All required image files must be in 300dpi with JPEG format ONLY.

  • - The individual perspectives in JPEG format, high resolution (300 dpi), and minimum A4 size must be saved in a folder entitled “Perspective”. The file name of the JPEG shall be saved in the format as “area”. For example: Living room / Lobby.

  • - All colours used in the project must be from Nippon Paint’s products range.

  • - All colours used in the design must be clearly illustrated with Nippon Paint’s colour name, colour code and product range. Please download the colour chips form

  • - Label all areas on the floor plan.

  • - Perspectives in A2 boards number 2, 3 and 4 must be in A3, A4 or A5 sizes to be pasted on the board.

  • - The Entry Form must be attached or affixed as cover page when submitting the entry in the CD/DVD submission.

  • - Submissions should not include the Participant’s profile and the education institution’s name on the presentation board to ensure the anonymous judging of the competition.

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